Salesforce SMS

Increase your revenue by integrating SMS with Salesforce, a cloud-based
solution for Sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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About Salesforce CRM SMS Integration


Make your business communications smoother and more effective with our SMS
integration for Salesforce. With this setup you can connect with customers instantly,
sending personalised SMS messages through Flows or using the Conversation Panel.
It only takes 5 minutes to setup, letting you close deals faster, send a promotional
campaign or improve your customer service.

  • Send outbound SMS campaigns.

  • Send and receive SMS in Salesforce Flows.

  • Process replies to Reports and Flow triggers.

  • Report on deliveries and link hits.

  • 5-minute installation.

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  • Personalised campaigns
  • Improve your CX
  • Track your success
Personalised campaigns

Send and receive SMS

From the Messaging tab, you can quickly send to any mobile number
associated with objects in your Salesforce account.

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Improve your CX

Manage your replies

The Received tab shows you any message you have received, including
replies that contain emojis.

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Track your success

Report on Link Hits

The Link Hits tab shows any recipients that clicked on a tracking link in
your text messages. It shows the original URL as well as the shortened URL.

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Salesforce SMS integration


Make your business communications smoother and more effective with our SMS integration for Salesforce.

Can I also integrate SMS with Marketing Cloud?

This integration doesn't connect directly with Marketing Cloud. However, you can sync your Marketing Cloud data to Salesforce CRM. This means that while you can't send SMS from Engagement Studio Programs you can still create automated SMS sequences using Flows in the Salesforce CRM.

What features does the SMS integration with Salesforce offer?

Choosing Kudosity for your Salesforce integration gives you access to SMS marketing tools within your CRM. This makes managing marketing campaigns, enhancing lead nurturing processes, and improving customer service operations simpler and more effective. With the ability to send texts through Flows or the SMS conversation panel, this solution can keep ahead of the competition.

How can integrating SMS with Salesforce improve customer engagement and marketing campaigns?

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What technical requirements are needed to integrate SMS with Salesforce?

To integrate SMS with Salesforce you need an active Salesforce license and Kudosity account. During the configuration you will need to set your API key and API secret in Kudosity, which will be copied to Salesforce.

What compliance measures should be considered when sending SMS from Salesforce?

You can check the compliance requirements for your destination country here. While these vary between country, there are some common measures you can take to protect yourself:

  • Check what Numbers or Sender IDs are permitted for the country you're sending to.

  • Always provide an opt-out or unsubscribe link

  • Identify yourself in the message.

  • Check if the destination country has a 'Do Not Contact' List.

  • Ensure there are no local time restrictions for business communications.