Zapier SMS

Zapier is a flexible automation platform that let's you combine
user interfaces, data tables, and logic with its library of 7,000+ applications.

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About Zapier SMS Integration


Zapier increases productivity by allowing its users to easily connect and automate the apps they use.
The Zapier SMS integration let's you integrate with up to 7,000 apps without any code to
quickly build workflows.

  • Send and receive SMS messages.

  • Schedule individual messages and campaigns.

  • Cancel a scheduled message.

  • Receive SMS and delivery reports.

  • Record link hits.

  • Automatically format your numbers.

  • Add, update or delete a contact.

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  • Send SMS from Zapier
  • Quick automation options
  • Flexible triggers and actions
Send SMS from Zapier

Increase your productivity with automated SMS

Zapier brings you 7,000+ SMS integrations, including apps like Facebook, Google Calendar, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Shopify, and Zoho CRM. Accomplish more without having to develop your own integration or taking time out of your development schedule.

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Quick automation options

Get started with popular
SMS templates

Increase your productivity and efficiency with our quick-start SMS templates, with pre-configured actions and triggers.

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Flexible triggers and actions

Build advanced automations
and workflows

With 15+ triggers & actions you can build custom automations between your favourite applications and business tools.

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Zapier SMS Integration


Zapier is a flexible automation platform that let's you
combine user interfaces, data tables, and logic with its
library of 7,000+ applications.

What is Zapier and how does it work with Kudosity?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your favourite applications. It allows you to setup automated workflows called 'Zaps' that consist of a trigger and one or more actions. With the Burst SMS integration by Kudosity - you can automate SMS sequences from their library of 7,000 applications.

What are the benefits of integrating Zapier with Kudosity?

The Burst SMS integration by Kudosity let's you automate and streamline communications, increasing efficiency and productivity. These SMS automations can be used to improve your communications strategies, such as providing seamless customer experiences across multiple touchpoints and applications.

Are there any costs associated with Zapier?

Zapier offers a free-trial, which is recommended for learning how to use the platform. To unlock additional features including Premium apps - Zapier offers subscription packages. These range from Professional to Enterprise, billed per month or annually.

How secure is the data exchange between Zapier and Kudosity?

All Zapier connections with Kudosity are protected by 128 bit encrypted data transfer. Any information you upload to our servers is safe and secure. This includes data transmitted using our Burst SMS integration.

All of our suppliers are tier 1 aggregators with ISO 27001 & 9001 certification for quality and security.

Will Zapier let me send SMS with e-commerce platforms like Shopify?

There are currently 250+ eCommerce zaps available in Zapier's app library, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Paypal and more.