Global Delivery List

This pages contains general information for our most frequently requested countries, and this does not represent our entire coverage. You can talk to one of our experts to discuss configuration for additional countries.

Country Code




2 way messaging supported


Concatenated Messages


Delivery Receipts Supported


Senders Available

  • Pre-registered alphanumeric senders
  • Australian virtual mobile numbers
  • Pre-registered personal mobile numbers
  • Shared Australian virtual mobile numbers
  • Callable Australian virtual mobile numbers
  • Australian virtual mobile numbers enabled for inbound and outbound MMS and SMS

Sender Pre-registration required


Country Regulations

  • Pre-registration required for Alphanumeric and personal mobile number senders
  • Need to hold a license under Australian State or Territory laws when providing a regulated interactive gambling service in Australia
  • Opt in consent required for all marketing messages
  • Opt out method is mandatory for all marketing messages

Best Practices

  • Opt in consent required before sending any marketing communication
  • Provide a valid opt out method for marketing messages
  • Only communicate during the end users daytime hours unless it is urgent
  • Do not contact end users on the Do Not Call Registry.