Virtual messaging numbers for business

Virtual numbers are used by businesses to send SMS at scale using a local mobile number.
Discover Alphanumeric Sender IDs, Virtual Long Numbers, Short Codes, Toll-Free Numbers and Dedicated Numbers by country.

Lease a virtual number: Build brand trust

Navigating virtual messaging numbers for business can be overwhelming, especially if you're unsure which type of number best suits your needs.

Whether you're looking for Alphanumeric Sender IDs, Virtual Long Numbers, Short Codes, or Toll-Free Numbers, we've got you covered.
Explore the options available in different countries below.

Short Codes

Short codes are easy to remember 4-6 digit virtual numbers that allow you to send at the highest messaging volume. These are often used for large-scale marketing campaigns, competitions, or to raise awareness.

Available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States.

Alphanumeric Senders IDs:

Alphanumeric Sender IDs are distinctive sender names you can customise to your branding using digits and text. Your recipients recognise that the incoming message is from your business.

Available in Australia, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom.

Virtual Long Numbers (VLN):

Virtual Long Numbers or Longcodes are 12 digit business numbers used for two-way communication; receive SMS and voice calls.

Available in Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom.

Toll-Free Numbers:

Toll-Free Numbers allow your customers to call your business free of charge, particularly useful for long distance calling. Ideal for customer service.

Available in the Canada and United States.

10 Digit Long Codes (10DLC):

10DLC enables businesses, such as individual franchise locations, to send A2P text messages to their customers using a local phone number. Ideal for customer service and events.

Available in the United States.

Shared vs Dedicated Numbers:

Does your business need a unique virtual number, or is the shared number sufficient? Build brand reputation and trust with a dedicated virtual number.

Available in Australia only

Numbers Available FormatPurposeProsRegistration Required
Pre-registered Alphanumeric Sender IDsAlphanumeric (up to 11 characters)Brand recognition, marketing, notifications, and alertsHighly recognisable and enhances brand image.
Support opt out management through unique URL.
ETA: Instant
Enquire Now
Pre-registered Personal Mobile Numbers +61 4xx xxx xxxPersonal or business communicationPersonal touch that is trusted by recipients and replies go to hand setYes
ETA: Instant
Enquire Now
Australian Virtual Long Numbers +61 4xx xxx xxxTwo-way communication for businessesNo physical SIM needed, scalable, support opt out management through messages replies. Unlimited keywords.No
Shared Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers +61 4xx xxx 123
+61 4xx xxx 456
+61 4xx xxx 789

Internal platform alerts or internal comms
Cost-efficient, easy setup, and free to use.No
Dedicated Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers +61 4xx xxx xxxSMS and call forwarding to a single nominated number (landline or mobile)Multi-functional, convenient for unified communicationsNo
Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers for MMS +61 4xx xxx xxxComprehensive messaging (text and multimedia)Versatile, supports multimedia contentNo
Virtual Messaging Numbers


Virtual numbers are used by businesses to send SMS at scale using a local mobile number.

How to lease a Dedicated Virtual Number?

While all Kudosity accounts come with free shared virtual SMS numbers, you may want to lease a standard dedicated number for brand recognition. Simply log in to our Kudosity platform, choose from the list of available dedicated numbers, click activate, and start sending. For dedicated virtual numbers, get in touch with us.

What are the differences between Shared vs Dedicated Virtual Numbers in Australia?

There are two main types of virtual Australian mobile numbers: shared and dedicated. Shared numbers are free for businesses to use while dedicated numbers can be leased for a monthly fee. Dedicated numbers options in Australia include standard, callable, and gold numbers.They are an important part of business SMS.

Can carriers block toll-free numbers?

Since toll-free numbers are easier to obtain, individuals often try to use these for the wrong reasons. Carriers are aware of this, and will block a toll-free number if they see suspicious activity. This shouldn’t be a problem for experienced senders who follow their local SMS compliance laws.

How do I get a 1-800 number in the US?

Not many SMS providers provide 1-800 extensions. We do however offer a selection of 1-888, 1-866, and 1-877 numbers for you to choose from. Other toll-free types are available upon request.

Can you register multiple 10DLC numbers?

Yes, and this is highly recommended. Customers generally prefer to interact with local businesses. Showcasing a local 10DLC number is something customers like to see. Try using 206 for Washington, and 336 for North Carolina for example.

How can I ensure that I get approved for a 10DLC?

Carriers just want to make sure your intentions are good. All businesses are legally obligated to complete a double opt-in for SMS marketing. As long as that has been completed, businesses generally do get approved. Your SMS volume tier is not guaranteed, but your trustworthy score can increase over time.