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Improve efficiency and connectivity with Kudosity's SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) solutions.
Tailored for high-volume messaging with 99.95% uptime.

Benefits of

SMPP Gateway API

Our SMPP Gateway API  has been created by developers for developers. Designed to support the large-scale messaging needs of enterprises, providing a reliable platform for effective communication.

  • High speed and high volume: Send large numbers of messages faster to reach many customers at once.

  • Reliability: Our direct connections guarantee 100% delivery to the carrier.

  • Two-way messaging: SMPP supports both sending and receiving messages, allowing for interactive communication with customers.

  • Advanced features: It supports a wide range of features such as message concatenation and routing, delivery receipts, customisable sender ID and message prioritisation.

How to use an SMPP Gateway with Kudosity

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Efficient enterprise messaging

Our SMPP gateway excels at handling large quantities of SMS traffic. Ideal for enterprises that require reliable and efficient broadcasting of transactional or promotional messages.

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Scalable communication solutions

As your business needs evolve, our SMPP services grow with you. Increase your messaging volume as needed. Our SMPP gateway can handle the scale efficiently without disruption.

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Customised messaging campaigns

Tailor your messaging campaigns, for new products, timely updates or promotions. Our SMPP solution ensures your messages meet the diverse needs of your audience.

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Track your campaign performance

Monitor the effectiveness of your communications through tracking and reporting on delivery rates and customer engagement to optimise your campaigns.

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Seamless API integration

Integrate SMPP with your systems to improve communication workflows, ensuring timely and personalised customer interactions. Synchronise your messaging with customer data.

Enhancing your communication
strategy with SMPP

Enhance connectivity with your audience

SMPP integration is ideal for businesses in high-demand sectors like customer-service-focused retail, finance, and healthcare. It enables you to send marketing blasts, urgent alerts, and customer communications quickly and reliably.

With SMPP, your business can maintain constant connectivity with your audience, ensuring you deliver messages efficiently, no matter the volume.

Connect with a Kudosity expert today to learn how SMPP integration can streamline your messaging processes for the better and enhance connectivity with your audience.

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SMPP SMS Gateway & Provider


With SMPP, your business can maintain constant connectivity with your audience, ensuring you deliver messages efficiently, no matter the volume.

What is SMPP, and how does it relate to Kudosity?

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) is a protocol used for exchanging SMS messages between entities over a network. It enables high-speed, high-volume messaging capabilities.

Why should I consider integrating SMPP with my Kudosity account?

Integrating SMPP with your Kudosity account can significantly enhance your messaging capabilities, especially if your business requires sending large volumes of SMS efficiently. SMPP supports high-throughput messaging, which is ideal for enterprises, allowing for rapid and reliable transmission of both outbound and inbound messages.

What else do I need to use an SMPP gateway?

To use an SMPP gateway with Kudosity, you need an SMS sender ID. The phone number or alphanumeric string appears as the sender on the recipient's mobile. Check the virtual messaging numbers available in the country you are sending it to.

What are the key features of SMPP integration on Kudosity?

SMPP integration on Kudosity features high-performance messaging, reliable delivery, and support for advanced messaging functions such as multi-part messages, delivery receipts, and priority tagging. Facilitated through our robust gateway, this integration ensures smooth and simple communication across various platforms, including SMS, and WhatsApp.

How do I know if SMPP integration is suitable for my communication needs?

SMPP integration is ideal if your organisation requires the ability to send a high volume of messages quickly, such as for alerts, promotions, or customer engagement at scale. If your communication strategy demands reliability and speed, especially across diverse messaging platforms, SMPP through Kudosity is a suitable choice.

Can I use SMPP integration with Kudosity for outbound and inbound SMS messages?

Kudosity's SMPP integration supports both outbound and inbound SMS messaging, allowing for comprehensive two-way communications. This capability ensures you can send messages to large audiences efficiently and receive replies, making it ideal for engaging interactions.

How do I set up SMPP integration with my Kudosity account?

Setting up SMPP integration involves configuring your systems to connect with our SMPP server. This process typically requires technical expertise, and our support team is available to guide you through setup, including IP whitelisting, port configurations, and testing to ensure seamless functionality.

What types of applications or systems can benefit from SMPP integration with Kudosity?

Systems that manage large-scale customer communications can significantly benefit from SMPP integration. These include CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and customer support centres that use tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and others linked through Zapier. SMPP's ability to handle high message volumes efficiently makes it an excellent fit for the finance, retail, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors.

SMPP success stories

Hear how our clients have transformed their large-scale communication efforts with Kudosity's SMPP solutions,
experiencing significant improvements in speed, reliability, and efficiency

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A true game changer. Their NLP solution was the most effective marketing tool we’ve ever used for lead qualification at Uber.

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Fast dedicated support. We love the local support and account management team. They're always very responsive to all our enquiries or ideas on how we can make the most of the platform.

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Our first Giving Day was a success in reaching our $1M target with a two-touchpoint journey and conversational AI. We even had a $10k donation come through from an SMS touchpoint.

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We started sending an SMS campaign only a month ago to 100,000+ customers and experienced a 20% increase in revenue, with increased site visits and conversions. We expect this to increase even further for Black Friday

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We just completed our first conversational AI SMS pilot, it was focused on re-engaging candidates across our database that we haven’t spoken to recently. We had amazing results, over 25% of people engaged in the conversation and around 5% of those we spoke to have now re-engaged.

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SMS works well with email as it has a higher open rate. Anything can happen on an event day too, so it’s also a great broadcast tool to have on hand because it’s so much quicker to prepare and send.

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We were looking for an efficient solution that allowed us to improve our ability to service our customers' needs. The implementation of Conversational Messaging did this and more; the results proved to be a game changer.

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