Save time with easy

SMS campaign management

Our platform makes creating, sending and tracking text messages easy. From automating
routine tasks to personalising messages - drive more sales and customer engagement.

Benefits of using
SMS campaign features

Kudosity's SMS campaign management features are designed to make your marketing more effective. Our tools help you send targeted text messages, track their performance, and engage with your audience in meaningful ways.

  • Segment contact lists.

  • Unified platform and channels.

  • Inbuilt tracked links.

  • Custom reply options.

  • Delivery reporting and link hits.

  • Schedule / reschedule and cancel at any time.

  • 100% SMS delivery to carrier guarantee.

How you can use Kudosity’s
SMS campaign tool

Implementing SMPP with Kudosity is straightforward, and can improve your
customer communication processes:

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Manage everything on one platform

Manage your SMS campaigns on our platform —no more switching between tools or systems.

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Save time with automation

Automated processes help you save time by letting the system handle the routine tasks.

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Personalisation for increased engagement

Make each customer message feel personal and boost your engagement.

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Campaign tracking and analytics

Utilise inbuilt tracked links to monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time.

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Link shortening

Shorten long URLs to create clean, concise links that fit perfectly within SMS character limits. Our Tracked Link URL will include "TapThi.Is" as the default domain.

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Schedule, reschedule, and cancel at any time

Take control of your messaging schedule with the ability to plan, reschedule, or cancel campaigns at any time.

SMS campaigns that integrate
your systems and apps

Whether you're integrating directly with an app like Salesforce or using a connector like Zapier, our platform makes it easy to connect your apps and send out campaigns. With the reassurance of an ISO 27001 certification, you can rest easy knowing your campaigns are in good hands.

Ready to take your SMS campaigns to the next level? Start your trial today and discover how easy it is to save time and boost your customer communications with our SMS campaign management solutions.

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SMS Campaign Managment


SMS campaign management features are designed to make your marketing easier and more effective.

What types of campaigns can I run using Kudosity?

With Kudosity's SMS campaign software, you can run a variety of campaigns tailored to meet different business needs. These include promotional campaigns to boost sales, operational campaigns to keep your customers updated, and conversational messaging campaigns to enhance customer interaction.

What are the best practices for timing and scheduling campaigns?

Timing and scheduling are crucial for the success of any SMS campaign. Best practices suggest sending messages when your customers are most likely to be attentive but not overwhelmed. To simplify this process, use the scheduling feature in our SMS campaign software to automate message delivery.

How can I personalise the content of my campaigns?

Personalising your campaign content is key to increasing engagement. Use the data collected from your CRM and past interactions to customise messages with the recipient's name, relevant offers, or updates that appeal to their interests. Our SMS campaign management tools make it easy to insert unique fields into your messages, creating a more personalised experience.

What metrics can I use to measure the success of my campaigns?

Our SMS campaign tools provide metrics such as delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates, measure the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns and customer engagement.

Can I integrate my Kudosity campaigns with my existing systems and apps?

Our SMS campaign feature is designed for easy integration with your systems and apps. Zapier can help connect your systems with our SMS platform for more effective marketing campaigns.

SMS campaign success stories

Hear from businesses that have seen real success with our SMS campaigns. From significant revenue boosts to remarkable improvements in customer engagement, these stories showcase the impact of effective SMS campaign management.

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A true game changer. Their NLP solution was the most effective marketing tool we’ve ever used for lead qualification at Uber.

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Fast dedicated support. We love the local support and account management team. They're always very responsive to all our enquiries or ideas on how we can make the most of the platform.

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Our first Giving Day was a success in reaching our $1M target with a two-touchpoint journey and conversational AI. We even had a $10k donation come through from an SMS touchpoint.

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We started sending an SMS campaign only a month ago to 100,000+ customers and experienced a 20% increase in revenue, with increased site visits and conversions. We expect this to increase even further for Black Friday

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We just completed our first conversational AI SMS pilot, it was focused on re-engaging candidates across our database that we haven’t spoken to recently. We had amazing results, over 25% of people engaged in the conversation and around 5% of those we spoke to have now re-engaged.

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SMS works well with email as it has a higher open rate. Anything can happen on an event day too, so it’s also a great broadcast tool to have on hand because it’s so much quicker to prepare and send.

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We were looking for an efficient solution that allowed us to improve our ability to service our customers' needs. The implementation of Conversational Messaging did this and more; the results proved to be a game changer.

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