White Label SMS

Rebrand our platform as your own in the next 10 minutes.

What is White Label SMS?

White labelling gives you the opportunity to easily rebrand a product.

It takes just 10 minutes on average to apply your own custom branding to our white label SMS platform. Simply add your logo, pick a colour, and adjust your account settings to your liking.

Why use white label services?

Our whitelabel service is perfect for agencies, managed service providers and organisations with special requirements

Seamlessly send messages with our technology and infrastructure from your own branded instance. You can completely rebrand our technology including the business logo, colours, templates, billing controls, margins and links. Helping to maintain consistency for your clients and customers.

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Platform Highlights

Access exclusive white label reseller features.

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Define SMS margins

Adjust the margin on your messages. Add more profit if you are billing customers or opt to add none for your own organisation.

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Add additional margins

Set monthly margins on virtual mobile numbers (toll-free or 10DLC). You can also sell individual keywords for a monthly fee.

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Client troubleshooting

As the master admin, you have access to all your accounts for troubleshooting if a problem arises. This is also useful for live training.

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Adjust trial period

Change the number of trial credits customers receive, or reduce your trial period as you see fit.

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Set custom limits

Protect your business from excess fraud charges, or internal risk by setting a daily top-up limit

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Choose a default payment type or integrate your preferred automated billing method.

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White label SMS


Seamlessly send messages with our technology and infrastructure from your own branded instance.

What is White Label SMS?

With White Label SMS you can use our infrastructure to offer messaging services under your own brand name. This lets you present a unified brand experience to your customers without having to develop and maintain the technology.

How do I get started with White Label SMS services?

White Label SMS accounts need to be specifically configured. You can talk to one of our experts to receive a demo and set up an account. Once created, you can customise the platform branding and the available features.

What are the benefits of using a White Label SMS service

Our White Label SMS services offer an efficient, customisable, and scalable solution. With this service you can send messages under your own brand name, maintaining a consistent and professional image. Letting you enhance customer engagement and streamline communication processes.

What customisation options are available for White Label SMS?

Kudosity is a white label service you can rebrand, including the platform logo, colours, redirects and URLs. With our automated card processing and invoicing system, you can set margins on SMS, Keywords and Virtual Mobile Numbers. There are 3 ways to charge your clients and what prices you charge will be up to you.