Finding the right candidate for your client can be a daunting task. Recruiters need to stay on top of a growing list of industry demands, and future skills needed to succeed. There’s a sense of urgency on all sides of the spectrum. This is why JobAdder has integrated its recruitment software with Kudosity to help recruiters get a competitive advantage.

What’s JobAdder?

JobAdder is an all-in-one recruitment management platform, which provides you with a variety of tools to help find and place the right talent. Use JobAdder to store all your contacts and candidates, view tasks, and streamline your recruitment workflow. Review job applications, track, and place candidates all from one easy-to-use platform.

Get personal with your candidates

Text messaging is a simple, flexible tool. When it comes to your prospects and candidates, they expect a personalised touch.

With the help of Kudosity, JobAdder can send highly personalised text messages to a specific group of candidates in a matter of minutes. Pull custom data about each candidate directly from your contact list through variables, which may include: name, contact information, location, and preferred positions.

Speed up the screening process

With a virtual mobile number, recruiters can send and receive SMS online, helping them start conversations with their prospects and candidates.

Text messages don’t typically get lost in the mix like emails and phone calls do. Over 90% of recipients open a text message within 3 minutes, meaning that they can take action on the fly.

Reminders + alerts

Give a specific job more exposure by setting a reminder. Combine this with alerts for application deadlines, to make sure your candidates don’t forget to apply. This works great for general tasks too, such as time sheets, missing paperwork, referrals, and follow-ups.

Connecting with JobAdder

If you’re ready to make your recruiting process more efficient, try our new JobAdder integration. The set-up process is quick and easy. Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Create a Kudosityaccount. If you have one already, then skip this step.

  2. Create or login to your JobAdder account. Then enable your Burst SMS account in JobAdder under Admin > Apps & Add Ons > SMS

  3. Now you’re integrated. Start sending SMS messages to all your candidates and contacts.

JobAdder + Burst SMS makes our life very easy. Your system is brilliant and when coupled with SMS capability takes it to a new level. I like the fact that I can buy another number off Kudosity and allocate that to someone. That removes the need for additional sim cards and phones.

— Steve, HR By The Hour

Being able to use an additional communications tool that is quick and widely used by our candidates. We get a really good response to SMS messages, especially in relation to temp assignment availability. Also from an administrative perspective, it is quick and easy to manage the back end accounting area of Kudosity.

— Jane, Edge Recruitment