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About JobAdder SMS Integration

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With JobAdder SMS you can communicate with candidates using two-way
SMS, message templates, automated SMS at recruitment stages and personalisation.

  • Add Kudosity as your preferred SMS gateway.

  • Send individual SMS messages to candidates.

  • Send a SMS message to a group of candidates.

  • Configure email replies to be sent as a SMS message.

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  • Send SMS from JobAdder
  • Personalise your SMS
Send SMS from JobAdder

Instantly communicate with individual candidates or groups

SMS allows for quick, real-time communication with candidates and clients, ensuring important information is conveyed promptly.

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Personalise your SMS

Increase engagement with your JobAdder data

Leverage your data and insights from JobAdder to improve your candidate experience. You can send SMS for all recruitment stages, including new job openings, application updates and follow-up.

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JobAdder SMS Integration


With JobAdder SMS you can communicate with candidates using two-way SMS, message templates, automated SMS at recruitment stages and personalisation.

What features does the JobAdder SMS integration offer?

Our JobAdder integration lets you quickly connect with candidates via SMS. With our secure APIs you can connect and send SMS to individuals or groups based on their recruitment stage. You can also configure inbound replies to be forwarded as an SMS.

How can integrating SMS with JobAdder improve candidate engagement recruitment?

Increase your efficiency and hiring outcomes by integrating SMS with JobAdder. Your recruitment teams can enhance their communication strategies, improve candidate engagement, and streamline recruitment processes.

What technical requirements are needed to integrate JobAdder SMS?

To integrate SMS with JobAdder you need an active JobAdder license and Kudosity account. During the configuration, you'll need to set your API key and secret in Kudosity, which will be copied to JobAdder.

What compliance measures should be considered when sending SMS from JobAdder?

You can check the compliance requirements for your destination country here. While these vary between country, there are some common measures you can take to protect yourself:

  • Check what Numbers or Sender IDs are permitted for the country you're sending to.

  • Always provide an opt-out or unsubscribe link

  • Identify yourself in the message.

  • Check if the destination country has a 'Do Not Contact' List.

  • Ensure their are no local time restrictions for business communications.

Can I connect a personal number with the JobAdder SMS integration?

Yes, Recruitment Agents can use their own mobile numbers to send SMS from JobAdder. In this instance, replies are processed to the Recruitment Agent’s mobile number.

Which countries is this SMS integration available for?

Burst SMS by Kudosity is an option for users in the following countries:

  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong

  • Philippines