OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality surplus food from more than 3,000 businesses, including supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, retailers, airports and retail food outlets. Every week over 250 tonnes of food is saved from going to landfill and delivered to 1,900+ charitable agencies, helping to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable people across Australia.

Faced with fundraising challenges:

  • Cleaning up legacy data to identify donors most likely to convert with telemarketing efforts.

  • A limited budget to work with, limited time, resources and capacity internally.

  • Ambitious fundraising goal of $1M for Giving Day.

The solution

There were a number of campaigns that engaged Conversr conversational AI. OzHarvest had a limited budget for a full primed journey but had legacy data to work with and wanted to create a group that would be open to giving for telemarketing. 

They created a 2-touch point journey - the first was a video created for supporters and then a value exchange with a digital cookbook. OzHarvest also had their first Giving Day with an end of financial year appeal goal of $1M.

How the company approached making that goal successful, was to match giving goals from major donors and then would reach out to the rest of their audience to make up the donations to help that match giving pot. It was really successful with the use of conversational SMS. 

The touchpoints for the journey was an SMS on what to expect from the Giving Day and keep an eye out on the emails, there was no ask, they were sent to a landing page and video which had great sentiment. The second touchpoint was on the Giving Day Conversr was used to send an SMS to remind them of giving day and to donate. Achieved the $1M result - in June with even a $10K donation from an SMS.

We had our first Giving Day with an ambitious goal of raising $1M. First touchpoint was an SMS to direct potential donors to the match giving campaign page that had a video with great sentiment. The second touch point was an SMS on Giving Day which also included an opportunity to donate. The day was a success in reaching our $1M target with even a $10k donation coming through from an SMS touchpoint

Cassandra Bailey Fundraising Lead