Effective messaging solutions for
small and medium-sized businesses

Boost traffic and increase conversions for your small business with minimum investment using Kudosity's messaging solutions.

Authentic conversations with every customer

We started sending an SMS campaign only a month ago to 100,000+ customers and experienced a 20% increase in revenue, with increased site visits and conversions."

 Dushyant Baravkar, Founder.

Kudosity's SMS Software
for SMBs

With high open rates, personalised messaging capabilities, and cost-effective campaigns, SMS engages customers and drives meaningful interactions.

  • High open rates: SMS messages have a 98% average open rate, ensuring your marketing messages are seen by your potential customers.

  • Cost effective way to reach more customers: SMS marketing allows you to reach a wide range of customers on their mobile phones, wherever they are.

  • Customer preferences: Studies show that customers prefer mobile communication. Personalised messaging helps engage with your customers in their preferred mode.

Benefits of messaging services for small business

As a fast and direct form of communication, SMS messaging helps reach customers instantly,
deliver tailored promotions, and provide updates during the customer journey.

Personalised messaging

SMS is the ideal small business marketing tool. With support from Kudosity, you can deliver tailored messaging solutions.

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Global messaging solutions

Small business text messaging is fast and agile. Our intelligent queuing systems prioritise traffic types and queues. We send millions of messages every day to 114+ global destinations.

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Reporting and analytics

Small business messaging needs to be analysed and adjusted over time. We provide handset-level delivery reports (DLR), tracking open rates and clicks.

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Connect with more customers

Our text messaging service for small businesses is designed to support promotions, orders, and deliveries. Send order updates, follow-ups, verification codes, and appointment reminders.

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Encourage feedback and positive reviews

Our text messaging service for small business makes it easy to answer questions, gather feedback, and encourage positive reviews.

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Streamline enquiries with conversational AI

Create specialised chat tools powered by AI to deliver consistent messaging to common client questions. 

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Dynamic messaging applications for SMBs

Message marketing is a key communication tool in the customer lifecycle that supports numerous applications. No matter the size of your business, Kudosity offers personalised messaging solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our services include SMS messaging, automation, and conversational AI, ensuring seamless support for customer queries and enhancing overall customer engagement. Our platform is designed to cater to various industries, including retail and ecommerce, recruitment, automotive, and more. Kudosity has the tools to help you succeed.

Why choose Kudosity for small business?

Kudosity is the premier choice for operations businesses seeking reliable, feature-rich, and user-friendly messaging solutions. As the trusted partner to over 35,000 businesses, we are confident in meeting your SMS and messaging needs, no matter what they look like. With Kudosity, you can expect:

  • 100% delivery guarantee through direct connections with local carriers.

  • Access to high-quality virtual mobile numbers for consistent branding.

  • 24/7 expert support from our team of specialists

  • Seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows.

  • Flexible pricing options with no long-term contracts or commitments.

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SMS solutions for your small business

Messaging solutions for small business


SMS marketing is a key communication tool in the customer life-cycle that supports numerous applications.

How does Kudosity’s platform support small businesses?

As a small or medium-sized business owner, transform market interest into sales and keep your business running smoothly. Communication is key to this process, and our solution can help you keep on top of internal and external communications. Messaging services provide the fastest and most agile messaging tool. Create and execute campaigns with bulk SMS tools, or keep up regular communication with customers via automated SMS reminders and alerts. Ensure customers can always find an answer to basic queries with a responsive chat, powered by our conversational AI. Free up your staff for more crucial and creative tasks without losing the meaningful engagement you have with your customers. 

How does Kudosity help improve customer engagement and retention for your small business?

Kudosity enhances customer engagement as SMS has a 98% open rate and higher click through rate than email. Our platform can help you integrate into your other systems, enable personalised marketing campaigns, automate customer journeys, and offers analytics to understand and respond to customer needs effectively. Personalised SMS messages help to build a more genuine connection with your customers leading to higher engagement and overall satisfaction. 

Are Kudosity's messaging tools designed for SMBs?

We specialise in messaging services for small business operators. While our messaging gateway is flexible enough for businesses of any size or complexity, there's nothing we love more than simplifying communication for SMBs. Contact our team today to find out how we can tailor our solution to your business needs. 

What types of messages can I send using Kudosity, and how can they enhance my marketing efforts?

Kudosity offers key features a unified communication platform, automation tools, personalised marketing, tracking and analytics, conversational AI tools to manage customer enquiries and feedback, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Send promotional messages, alerts, important updates, appointment reminders and personalise your messages such as abandoned cart to boost your sales.

How is our messaging gateway accessed?

Our enterprise-grade communications gateway has multiple access points for ease of use, customisation, and control. Through the innovative use of technology, your business can access all messages through a secure web service, flexible API, or integrated technology stack.

If you'd like to include SMS marketing for your small or medium-sized business, please contact our friendly support team.