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Eloqua is a marketing automation platform that's part of Oracle's
Marketing Cloud suite. It helps businesses manage marketing campaigns
with tools for lead generation, scoring, campaign management and
customer lifecycle marketing.

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About Eloqua SMS Integration

Marketing Automation

Improve your customer engagement by integrating SMS with Oracle Eloqua. With our SMS
integration you can build SMS actions into your Campaign Canvas and Program Builder
to create automated sequences.

  • Personalise your SMS messages with your Eloqua data.

  • Send SMS from the Campaign Canvas and Program Builder.

  • Receive incoming messages on the Campaign Canvas.

  • Process your replies on the Campaign Canvas.

  • Map responses to delivery status.

  • Pass recipient and message data to custom objects.

  • Lookup data from contacts and pass to custom objects.

  • Automatic number formatting.

  • Country fallbacks to account where this is not available on the contact.

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  • Send SMS from Eloqua
  • Automated SMS campaigns
  • Personalise your SMS
Send SMS from Eloqua

Discover insights across all your data

By integrating SMS with Oracle Eloqua, you can improve multi-channel marketing strategies, customer engagement and satisfaction, and achieve better marketing outcomes through personalised and timely communications.

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Automated SMS campaigns

Coordinate your multi-channel campaigns

Create and manage campaigns across email, social media, web and SMS. With the Eloqua drag-and-drop Campaign Canvas you can add SMS actions for automated customer engagement.

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Personalise your SMS

Increase engagement with your Eloqua data

Segment your SMS campaigns using your Eloqua data, including demographics, behaviours, and engagement history. Deliver personalised content to different segments and increase engagement.

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Eloqua SMS Integration


Improve your customer engagement by integrating SMS with Oracle Eloqua.

What features does the SMS integration with Oracle Eloqua offer?

Integrating SMS with Eloqua enhances its capabilities by adding a direct and immediate communication channel. Connecting via Kudosity's secure APIs you can:

  • Personalise your SMS with your Eloqua data.

  • Send SMS from the Campaign Canvas and Program Builder.

  • Process your replies on the Campaign Canvas.

  • Automatically format numbers for international delivery.

How can integrating SMS with Oracle Eloqua improve customer engagement and marketing campaigns?

Enhance your marketing strategies by integrating SMS with Eloqua. By adding SMS on the Campaign Canvas and Program Builder you can create seamless engagement programs across multiple channels. You can also increase customer engagement by personalising your messages with your Eloqua data, or segmenting your campaigns with enriched behavioural data.

What technical requirements are needed to integrate SMS with Oracle Eloqua?

To integrate SMS with Eloqua you need an active Eloqua license and Kudosity account. During the configuration you'll need to setup your API key and secret in Kudosity, which will be copied to Eloqua.

What compliance measures should be considered when sending SMS from Eloqua?

You can check the compliance requirements for your destination country here. While these vary between country, there are some common measures you can take to protect yourself:

  • Check what Numbers or Sender IDs are permitted for the country you're sending to.

  • Always provide an opt-out or unsubscribe link.

  • Identify yourself in the message.

  • Check if the destination country has a 'Do Not Contact' List.

  • Ensure their are no local time restrictions for business communications.

Can the Oracle Eloqua SMS integration connect with Responsys?

Our Eloqua SMS integration doesn't interact directly with Responsys objects. We've developed a separate Responsys SMS integration which connects directly to Responsys and its objects.