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Build meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers using a messaging platform you can trust. Start sending messages in less than 5 minutes.

Online messaging services for
businesses of all sizes

Kudosity offers a comprehensive suite of messaging solutions designed to help businesses of all sizes connect
with their customers and drive engagement across various industries. Our messaging platform for business use
provides a range of features and tools to elevate your company's communication strategies, from bulk
messaging to conversational AI, automated message sequences or transactional notifications.

The Kudosity Messaging Platform

Our product offerings go beyond text message marketing services, helping to simplify automated message software across your entire business. Whether you're in marketing, operations, customer service, or development, Kudosity's platform has the solutions you need to streamline your messaging capabilities and forge authentic relationships with your customers. Our capabilities include SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, conversational AI, automation and more, ensuring seamless and efficient communication tailored to your company's needs.


Kudosity's messaging solutions enable businesses to send and receive SMS, MMS, and RCS messages globally. 
Our business messaging platform supports high-volume bulk SMS text messaging software for mobile marketing campaigns and text message 
systems for businesses, including two-way messaging for personalised customer interactions.

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Premium Features

Boasting premium features like message templates, scheduling, real-time analytics, and intelligent queuing systems, our messaging software for business streamlines communications and maximises ROI. Our enterprise-grade messaging gateway guarantees no grey routing, and our global sender ID management simplifies compliance.

Conversational AI

Another premium feature is our conversational AI, a key tool in building effective chat functions for your customers and clients. Ensure that your customers can get accurate and informative answers to their questions whenever they need them.

Versatile Messaging Platform

Whether you are looking for effective solutions for text message marketing, employee communications and operations, or transactional notifications, Kudosity’s versatile messaging customer service platform supports seamless communication. It helps businesses of all sizes grow customer relationships.

Discover which business messaging solution stack is best suited to your company

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Ideal for those who want the full range of Burst SMS services without additional setup.

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Perfect for developers looking to customise the full range of SMS services in their applications.

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SMS Integration

For businesses aiming to integrate basic SMS functionality into their existing tech stack.


Engage your customers at every step of their customer journey with Kudosity's AI-powered engagement tools. Our automated messaging software allows you to set up targeted campaigns, triggered by customer actions or events. From welcome messages to abandoned cart reminders to one-time passwords, our customer messaging service helps you deliver the right message at the right time, driving conversions and loyalty.

Unlike other platforms, our solutions are easy to integrate. We can connect to thousands of no-code apps in minutes, elevating your campaigns with intelligent SMS sequences, hassle-free.


Gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences and behaviours with Kudosity's intelligence solutions. Our messaging service suits small businesses and large corporations and includes advanced analytics and reporting, allowing you to track campaign performance, monitor customer sentiment, and optimise your strategies.

With features like keyword tracking and customer segmentation, our messaging software helps business decision-makers make data-driven decisions. Get the most out of your messaging services:

  • Scale
  • Personalise
  • Reduce costs
  • Get results


Scale your customer experience with over 50% response rates and 65% engagement rates using our AI-driven conversational automation through Conversr.

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Deliver personalised text messages that build brand loyalty and contribute to building relationships at scale.

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Reduce costs

Reduce operational costs by implementing automated solutions for a hands-off approach.

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Get results

Identify high-propensity leads and enhance telemarketing conversion rates by 5x on average.

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Choose Kudosity's messaging software to create
sustainable revenue growth while maintaining a
meaningful, human touch with your customers.

Industries using our Messaging Software

We’ve helped 35,000 businesses in 114+ countries with streamlined messaging solutions. Our diverse product range can benefit large corporations with complex operational requirements and provide small businesses with communication solutions alike.

Our messaging software has helped businesses in all kinds of industries, including:

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Decrease patient no-shows with automated reminders. Improve quality of care by sending medical notifications directly through SMS.

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Track internal and external communications all in one platform. Use conversational AI to power chat functions for onboarding procedures.

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Events & Entertainment

Increase ticket sales and improve the customer journey with transactional SMS notifications.

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Streamline onboarding with personalised and intuitive communications.

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E-commerce & Retail

Increase conversion rate and customer retention with automated SMS campaigns. Power chat functions with our conversational AI, to provide customers with accurate information 24/7.

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Not for Profit

Engage with volunteers and improve internal operations with automated communications.

How to use Kudosity's messaging software

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Sign Up

Create an account on our platform to get started.

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Choose your service

Our automated text message software is customisable. Select an approach that meets your specific needs, including web SMS or SMS integration solutions.

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Set up your campaign

With our text messaging software for businesses, it takes less than two minutes to set up your message and target your audience.

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Send and track

Launch your message or reminder and track its performance with our advanced reporting tools.

Why choose Kudosity?

We are a leading provider of messaging services, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Our messaging platform offers unparalleled reliability, security, and scalability, ensuring your messages are delivered promptly and accurately.

With our user-friendly interface, extensive integrations, and expert support, Kudosity makes it easier than ever to launch and manage successful text message marketing campaigns and other customer-related messaging services. So, whether you are looking for an effective solution for text message marketing for a small business or text message customer support to elevate your customers' experience, choose Kudosity.

Together, we can take your customer engagement to the next level.

  • unparalleled reliability, security, and scalability

  • user-friendly interface

  • extensive integrations

  • local, expert support

  • global reach

  • always competitive


What is text message marketing?

Text message marketing involves sending promotional and informational messages to audiences via SMS or MMS.

Why should I choose Kudosity?

Kudosity offers reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use messaging solutions. The range of features means you can manage multiple messaging services through our platform, with access to specialist support available 24/7 for any interruptions in service. Easily integrated with your current tech stack, the easy-to-use interface means the tool can be used by a team of all skill levels.

How can messaging services help my business?

Our service provides direct communication with customers. Text messages are a quick way to engage your audience, with traditionally high open rates. Using Kudosity's SMS marketing software can improve your marketing outcomes and help you nurture authentic relationships with your audience, whatever messaging service they prefer: SMS, WhatsApp, or Viber.

Do I need to worry about any compliance obligations?

When using SMS, businesses must adhere to local regulations regarding privacy. Meeting these policies means obtaining consent from customers, providing clear opt-out instructions, and securely handling customer data. Our team can help you navigate this complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Does Kudosity offer support or resources to help me get started and optimize my messaging strategy?

Yes, you can talk to our team of experts, visit our Knowledgebase in Support or check out our range of articles, tools, guidebooks, on demand webinars and more found in Resources.