Message Scheduling

Align the timing of your messages at the time best for customers with our campaign scheduling

features for Campaigns and Quick SMS.

Deliver your messages at the right time

Message scheduling is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking to optimise their communication efforts and ensure messages are delivered at the most impactful times.

  • Deliver messages at the right time.

  • Optimised timing and engagement.

  • Send during peak engagement hours.

  • Easily configure for different time zones.

  • Reinforce messaging at consistent times.

How you can use SMS Marketing

Schedule your campaigns

Whether you're sending an SMS, MMS or Omnichannel campaign you can select any future date or time. Or split your campaigns into segments to stagger delivery and manage responses.

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Schedule Quick SMS replies

Quick SMS is the fastest way to send text notifications, reminders, promotions, and more with scheduling support.

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International timezones

Ensure your messages are delivered at the right local time for your audience. Our scheduling assistant lets you select international destinations, scheduling in local time.

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Process SMS replies and opt-outs quickly with Sequencer. Trigger sequences when customers respond with keywords or criteria that you set, helping you improve customer experiences.

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API support

Schedule your campaigns via API calls to Kudosity. It just takes a few minutes to get started, scheduling messages from your applications and tech stack.

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Secure platform

Kudosity is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 | Type I certified. All connections are https:// using TLS versions 1.2 up, ensuring your conversations and data are secure.

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Why choose Kudosity?

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Global leader in messaging solutions

Partnering with Kudosity means joining forces with a global leader in messaging solutions committed to enhancing your business communications. Our platform reaches over 114 countries, offering localised services tailored to meet the unique requirements of diverse markets. This global coverage ensures that your messaging strategies are effective, and compliant with local regulations.

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World-class customer support

Our expert team is always ready to help with any questions or issues, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Whether you need fast problem-solving or in-depth advice on using our platform, we're just a call or a click away.

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High performance and dependability

We offer SMS and MMS capabilities that ensure high performance and dependability. Our platform also features advanced tools like unique link tracking and custom branding options, allowing you to craft targeted and impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Message Scheduling


Our SMS services can help your business increase sales, retention, streamline operations, or deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How do I schedule an SMS campaign?

To schedule an SMS campaign, compose your message, select your list and choose the date and time you want the message to be sent. Our scheduling feature lets you easily set up and manage your campaigns in advance.

Can I edit or cancel a scheduled SMS message?

Yes, with Kudosity you can edit or cancel scheduled SMS messages before they’re sent. You can access scheduled messages from the Overview page and make any necessary changes, or cancel the message.

What are the best times to schedule my SMS messages?

The best times to schedule SMS messages depend on your audience and the nature of your message. Generally, messages sent during business hours or early evening tend to have higher engagement rates. It's important to consider time zones and local restrictions.

Can I schedule recurring SMS messages?

With our automation tool - you can set up complex SMS sequences in minutes. Send a series of messages over time, on set dates or dates unique to the recipient.

How can I track the performance of my scheduled SMS campaigns?

Once processed you can track metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and responses to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Helping you make data-driven decisions for future messaging.

Customer success stories

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A true game changer. Their NLP solution was the most effective marketing tool we’ve ever used for lead qualification at Uber.

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Fast dedicated support. We love how Burst SMS has local support and account management team. They're always very responsive to all our enquiries or ideas on how we can make the most of the Burst SMS platform.

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Our first Giving Day was a success in reaching our $1M target with a two-touchpoint journey and conversational AI. We even had a $10k donation come through from an SMS touchpoint.

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We started sending an SMS campaign only a month ago to 100,000+ customers and experienced a 20% increase in revenue, with increased site visits and conversions. We expect this to increase even further for Black Friday

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We just completed our first conversational AI SMS pilot, it was focused on re-engaging candidates across our database that we haven’t spoken to recently. We had amazing results, over 25% of people engaged in the conversation and around 5% of those we spoke to have now re-engaged.

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SMS works well with email as it has a higher open rate. Anything can happen on an event day too, so it’s also a great broadcast tool to have on hand because it’s so much quicker to prepare and send.

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We were looking for an efficient solution that allowed us to improve our ability to service our customers' needs. The implementation of Conversr did this and more; the results proved to be a game changer.

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