SMS 2FA Security

Verify new accounts or protect your customers with two factor authentication

Mitigate risk and
protect user data with
SMS Two-Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication: 2FA (Dual Factor Authentication) is a verification process for securing account logins for websites, software, or applications. These codes can be programmed to be time sensitive, and can help validate a user’s identity when attempting to login.

SMS OTP (One-Time Passwords): In an effort to secure their accounts, users often forget complicated passwords. Grant users access with one-time SMS passwords that have single-use and time expirations.

Digital Security: Data breaches and fraud aren’t going anywhere, and cyber criminals are getting smarter. Add another layer to your digital security with SMS, and keep criminals out of users’ accounts.

Fraud and Spam Prevention: Credit card, transaction, and identity fraud are on the rise. Protect your business and customer data by adding our mass text notification system into your security process.

Ways you can use SMS to improve Digital Security

Single-use codes

Prevent unauthorised account access, and reduce spam signups with single-use codes.

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Authenticate transactions

Lower your risk for fraud by authenticating purchases with SMS before they're processed.

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Link a mobile to an account

Ensure data integrity when adding important details like mobile numbers to user accounts.

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Prevent credit card fraud

Allows customers to instantly approve credit card transactions that look suspicious.

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Reduce spam accounts

Eliminate the annoyance of spam accounts by requiring SMS verification in your sign-up flow.

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Notify users of account activity

If anything looks suspicious, send users a text message to notify them.

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Why Kudosity for 2FA Security?

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100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee

All messages are sent through ON-NET connections to local carriers. No grey routing.

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Virtual Mobile Numbers

Get access to high-quality bulk SMS numbers to maintain brand consistency and recognition.

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Get world-class support around the clock. Our team of messaging experts are here to help.

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No Contracts

Our bulk SMS service is prepaid. No need to worry about monthly contracts or commitments.

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All our SMS solutions are designed to be easy to use. Choose from an intuitive web interface, REST SMS API, or an extensive selection

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