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What is Web SMS?

Your central command centre for accessing our core A2P messaging features through one convenient online platform.

All customers of a professional online SMS service receive access to a web SMS platform as a default. Schedule campaigns, view reports, create SMS keywords, upload and manage contact lists, activate email to text, or send via the quick SMS app to get started fast.

Why Web SMS?

If you like to have everything in one location without building a custom dashboard through an API, logging into our web SMS platform is the best solution.

Track key metrics in your dashboard such as customer responses, bounces, opt-outs, link clicks, and carrier level DLR’s. You can also schedule messages, create keywords, manage contacts, set up email to SMS, or install a Quick SMS app to send messages even faster.

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Platform Highlights

Access exclusive white label reseller features

No Installation Needed

This is a simple web SMS service, designed for you to send messages fast. Simply log in and send. No additional software installation or browser extension is needed to access our online portal.

Automatic Number Formatting

Kudosity saves you time by automatically formatting phone numbers to exclude landlines, skip duplicates, and add the correct country codes to every number uploaded.

Global Opt-out List

When recipients respond with an opt-out, they will be added to a global opt-out list automatically. This helps keep your campaigns spam compliant.

Email to SMS

With Email to SMS, sending an SMS via email is designed to feel natural. There’s nothing new for you to learn—it’s as simple as sending an email from your Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client on desktop or mobile.

Quick SMS

Save time by sending messages using our Quick Send SMS Launcher. It is ideal for sending SMS appointment reminders or single-send text messages without needing to log into our online SMS platform.

Advanced SMS Features

Personalise your SMS campaigns with custom variables, track engagement with our built-in link shortener, set up SMS keywords and auto-responders, lease virtual numbers, and more.

Test Messages

This feature can be accessed through the Send SMS screen, directly below your text preview. Simply input your number, and preview the message on your phone before committing to a bulk send.


Manage permissions for multiple accounts through our sub-account feature. This is a popular solution for franchises, universities, agencies, and enterprise businesses.

White Label Solution

Rebrand our web platform as your own through white labelling. This service is offered for both sub-accounts and White Label Resellers. Additional customisation is available for resellers.



A2P messaging features through one convenient online platform.

Is the throughput slower when sending via web SMS?

No, all messages sent through our SMS gateway will enter the same queue. That means that regardless of whether you send through an SMS API, web SMS, or an SMS integration - your throughput will stay the same.

Can I use both Web SMS and another service?

You can match custom variables with the database that you want to pull information from. Common variables may include: [FirstName], [Company], [Phone], and [LatestPurchase]. We encourage you to combine multiple variables to form a highly personalized SMS.

Can I use both Web SMS and another service?

Yes, Web SMS is our default product that every account receives automatic access to upon signing up. If you wish to activate another service such as an SMS API or SMS integration, you will still have access to your web SMS platform login. Any data from the messages you send through other products will be stored in your web SMS dashboard.

Do I get charged for test messages?

No, it is free to send a test message, and we encourage that you send a test message to yourself before committing to a large bulk send. Sometimes you may find formatting or emoji compatibility errors for different mobile interfaces that don’t appear in a web preview. If you are sending a message that needs specific formatting, try testing on both Android and iOS to do a final check.

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