Drive automotive industry sales
with messaging solutions

Text message marketing helps to stand out from the competition, reach more customers, and boost engagement in the automotive industry. Send service reminders, promotions, updates, and alerts, and build better customer relationships.

Kudosity's automotive messaging service

Our messaging services are designed to help automotive businesses connect with customers and drive engagement. Personalise your customer communication with SMS services, automation and conversational AI.

  • Contact customers quickly with service alerts such as status updates or payment prompts.

  • Send personalised promotional offers and tailor messaging to your customer. 

  • Encourage more bookings and confirm appointments with SMS service reminders.

  • An easy to use platform that integrates with your systems and apps.

  • Track and measure SMS campaigns results.

Benefits of text message marketing for car dealers

We specialise in text messaging for automotive businesses - no matter the size or complexity of your business.

Easy automated service reminders

Automate timely customer service reminders and help minimise last-minute cancellations.

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Streamline your communications

Keep your clients informed with automated SMS reminders. Send timely text messaging alerts for appointments, events, and notices.

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Boost sales

Improve your conversions with automotive text message marketing. Send targeted messages at strategic times to engage customers and influence purchasing decisions.

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Bulk SMS delivery

Automotive SMS lead generation needs to be fast. At Kudosity, we send millions of messages every day to global destinations. Communications are delivered in seconds, with all messages sent through intelligent queuing systems.

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Reporting and tracking

Automotive SMS message marketing should be reviewed and refined over time. Our platform can track delivery rates, open and click-through metrics, and conversion rates to measure your campaigns.

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Conversational Messaging for customer support

Enhance your customer service with AI-powered chat functions. Use our conversational AI to support customers from anywhere around the world, managing their queries to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Why choose Kudosity for your automotive business?

By choosing Kudosity for your automotive business you’ll have access to our feature-rich SMS platform, 24/7 support and a 100% SMS delivery to carrier guarantee. Discover how our platform can enhance your customer engagement and boost your sales.

As a trusted SMS partner to over 35,000 businesses we offer solutions for E-commerce, healthcare, not-for-profit, recruitment and government. Kudosity is the expert in SMS software solutions your business needs to take operations to the next level.

  • Dedicated Account Manager.

  • 24/7 Global Support.

  • Award-winning solutions.

  • Direct ON-NET Connections.

  • ISO 27001 and SOC 2 | Type I Certified.

  • No contracts or commitments.

  • 100% Australian owned and managed.

  • Virtual Mobile Numbers.

Improve your operations and marketing efforts

With our flexible APIs you can integrate SMS with your automotive systems including Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and Dealer Management Systems (DMS). Click the link below to get started with our API documentation.

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Automotive industry messaging


Personalise your customer communication with SMS services, automation and conversational AI.

What kind of communication tools do you offer?

Your automotive business can access our gateway via a web service, API, or direct integration. Whether you’re sending an SMS, MMS, or OTT, our enterprise-grade messaging gateway delivers at scale and without delay. We simplify all aspects of communication so your business can reach its full potential.

How is your messaging service tailored to the automotive industry?

All of our services can be tailored to the needs of car dealers and automotive businesses. From message content to delivery schedules and purchase types, we will find a solution that works for you. Car dealers also have to meet compliance obligations, with our software providing multiple opt-out options.

What are the specific use cases linked to your service?

Our car dealer text messaging service has many possible applications. From first contact to ongoing support and updates, you can inform and engage people throughout the customer lifecycle.

Kudosity SMS automotive solutions support:

  • Personalised messaging

  • Promotional campaigns

  • Order updates and follow-ups

  • Verification codes

  • Automated appointment reminders

  • Customer support queries

  • Conversational AI chat features

  • Questions and feedback

If you'd like to learn more about our enterprise-grade messaging gateway, please contact our friendly support team. We offer a free consultation service for all car dealerships and automotive businesses.

What types of messages can be sent using automotive messaging solutions?

Automotive messaging solutions can send a variety of messages, including service reminders, appointment confirmations, promotional offers, payment reminders, maintenance tips, and customer satisfaction surveys. These messages help maintain regular contact with customers, enhance their experience, and drive sales and service revenues.

Are automotive messaging solutions compliant with industry regulations?

Messaging solutions are designed to comply with industry regulations, including data protection and privacy laws. Our platform offer features like opt-in/opt-out options, secure data handling, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and TCPA. Ensure your customer communications abide by country regulations.

Customer success stories

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A true game changer. Their NLP solution was the most effective marketing tool we’ve ever used for lead qualification at Uber.

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Fast dedicated support. We love how Burst SMS has local support and account management team. They're always very responsive to all our enquiries or ideas on how we can make the most of the Burst SMS platform.

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Our first Giving Day was a success in reaching our $1M target with a two-touchpoint journey and conversational AI. We even had a $10k donation come through from an SMS touchpoint.

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We started sending an SMS campaign only a month ago to 100,000+ customers and experienced a 20% increase in revenue, with increased site visits and conversions. We expect this to increase even further for Black Friday

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We just completed our first conversational AI SMS pilot, it was focused on re-engaging candidates across our database that we haven’t spoken to recently. We had amazing results, over 25% of people engaged in the conversation and around 5% of those we spoke to have now re-engaged.

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SMS works well with email as it has a higher open rate. Anything can happen on an event day too, so it’s also a great broadcast tool to have on hand because it’s so much quicker to prepare and send.

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We were looking for an efficient solution that allowed us to improve our ability to service our customers' needs. The implementation of Conversr did this and more; the results proved to be a game changer.

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