Boost your attendee engagement
with messaging for events

SMS marketing is ideal for the events and entertainment industry.
Designed for businesses to assist with event management, reminders, and invitations.

Kudosity’s event reminder SMS software

Our software allows event organisers to streamline communication, boost attendance, and provide an overall better attendee experience.

  • Generate more leads and promote offers with SMS.

  • Boost attendance with reminders, event news and updates.

  • Keep event staff and volunteers informed.

  • Increase your ticket sales with early bird offers and last-minute incentives.

Benefits of automated event reminder solutions

Kudosity’s comprehensive SMS messaging solutions are designed to work for the events and entertainment industry.
Use SMS for your event planning and experience these benefits.

Easy automated event reminders

Reduce your no-shows - automate timely event reminders help minimise last-minute cancellations.

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Personalise your invitations

Make your customers feel special with personalised invitations and early bird offers to boost sales and build loyalty.

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Quick updates for attendees

Use messaging services to provide real-time updates at events, including schedule changes, venue information, and other important details.

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Customer growth

Generate more leads, promote content and send last-minute deals. Boost your conversions with post-event follow up and personalised messaging.

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Streamline enquiries with conversational AI

Create specialised chat tools powered by AI to deliver consistent messaging to common client questions.

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Get feedback and reviews

Gather post-event feedback and insights through SMS surveys. Encourage event reviews and testimonials with SMS.

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How Kudosity’s software connects to
your tech stack

Integrations for events

Integrating our software solutions into your event planning process is simple. Our platform can be easily connected with your existing event management software or CRM system, allowing for a smoother data transfer. Our friendly team will guide you through the process and provide you with expert advice for achieving optimal results with our software.

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Why Kudosity for your events?

By choosing Kudosity for your events you’ll have access to our feature-rich SMS platform, 24/7 support and a 100% SMS delivery guarantee. Discover how our platform can enhance your customer engagement and integrate into your sales.

As a trusted SMS partner to over 35,000 many businesses across various industries, including E-commerce, healthcare, not-for-profit, recruitment and government, Kudosity is the expert in SMS software solutions your business needs to take operations to the next level.

  • Dedicated Account Manager.

  • 24/7 Global Support.

  • Award-winning solutions.

  • Direct ON-NET Connections.

  • ISO 27001 and SOC 2 | Type I Certified.

  • No contracts or commitments.

  • 100% Australian owned and managed.

  • Virtual Mobile Numbers.

SMS messaging for events


SMS allows event organisers to streamline communication, boost attendance, and provide an overall better attendee experience.

What features does Kudosity's solution offer for event planning and management?

Our SMS solution offers features such as automated event reminders, personalised invitations, real-time updates, and post-event surveys. You can also use our conversational AI tool to power Inbox chat conversations - the tool can provide answers to common questions about the event, leaving your planning team free to focus on other things.

How can our solution improve communication for events and reduce no-shows?

Automated SMS provides a speedy and accessible channel for communicating important event information, such as reminders and updates, which helps reduce no-shows and keeps attendees up to date. The programmed sequences can send messages based on certain customer actions or other set trigger dates or times.

What compliance requirements should be considered when using SMS for events and entertainment?

When using SMS for events and entertainment, it's important to comply with any local regulations regarding privacy.

How can SMS be integrated into event management software or CRM systems?

Through our flexible API and pre-built integrations, our platform can be easily integrated with widely used event management software and CRM systems.

What are some best practices when using SMS software for events?

To get the most out of our SMS software, we recommend that you obtain consent from attendees, send timely and relevant messages, provide clear opt-out instructions, and monitor SMS campaign performance to optimise engagement and effectiveness.

Customer success stories

Here’s how our customers are using SMS marketing for a range of industries.

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A true game changer. Their NLP solution was the most effective marketing tool we’ve ever used for lead qualification at Uber.

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Fast dedicated support. We love the local support and account management team. They're always very responsive to all our enquiries or ideas on how we can make the most of the platform.

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Our first Giving Day was a success in reaching our $1M target with a two-touchpoint journey and conversational AI. We even had a $10k donation come through from an SMS touchpoint.

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We started sending an SMS campaign only a month ago to 100,000+ customers and experienced a 20% increase in revenue, with increased site visits and conversions. We expect this to increase even further for Black Friday

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We just completed our first conversational AI SMS pilot, it was focused on re-engaging candidates across our database that we haven’t spoken to recently. We had amazing results, over 25% of people engaged in the conversation and around 5% of those we spoke to have now re-engaged.

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SMS works well with email as it has a higher open rate. Anything can happen on an event day too, so it’s also a great broadcast tool to have on hand because it’s so much quicker to prepare and send.

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We were looking for an efficient solution that allowed us to improve our ability to service our customers' needs. The implementation of Conversational Messaging did this and more; the results proved to be a game changer.

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